Loose debris can roll under your pedals, stopping you from braking

Not only is a messy car annoying, it can be dangerous. All the stuff you have on the floor or sitting on the seats can turn into projectiles in a crash. Loose debris can roll under your pedals, stopping you from braking. Don’t let this happen to you. You can tidy up your car and make it safer with these readily available items.



Do you have blankets, shopping bags or window screens lying around? This is not good. They can blow around when someone opens a window, obscuring your vision. Put them in one of these compression packs. It not only secures them, but they’ll take up less space, making your car look a lot tidier. You could also get the Monkey Mat, which is a quilted blanket that comes in its own compression bag. You can get them at the Container Store.


Apples are your brake pedal’s worst enemy. If your grocery bag overturns, they roll around the floor, possibly right under your feet. So dangerous, but easily avoided. These folding, accordion-style organizers can keep everything secure, so if something falls out of your grocery bag, it stays in its compartment. Then when you’re not using them, they fold up nice and flat to slip in one of your side-door pockets or in the pocket behind one of the seats.


If you have kids, you probably have toys lying on the seats and floor. This organizer can take care of that. It hangs from one of the front seats so the kids can reach it easily from the back seat, and it has pockets for everything: sippy cup, sketch pads, toys, crayons, the works.


What about the grown-ups’ toys? Jumper cables, snow chains, a basketball? These need to be secured as well if they’re in your cab. This mesh cargo net will secure these things, and since it hangs from the backseat headrests, it will clear up some space in the back.


If you’re going on a long trip, you probably have a lot of bags piled up in the car. It will help to keep them secure so they don’t go toppling onto someone’s head when you brake. These “Strap Together” fasteners will attach the bags to each other, keeping everything on lockdown.